Aquila Engineering Services

Customized, Economical Solutions

Our suite of services help our clients achieve maximum value, reduce risk and ensure the timely completion of their projects – all with minimal disruption to their regular business activities.

Aquila Mechanical Engineering Services

Our engineers are well known and highly respected for their depth of knowledge and experience. This is why Aquila is sought after by many of Canada’s premier organizations for a wide variety of mechanical engineering services, including:

  • Due diligence and reviews of buildings’ mechanical systems
  • Peer design reviews of mechanical systems
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system design
  • Refrigeration and ice plant design for rinks and food storage facilities
  • Plumbing systems design including storm water harvesting and gray water filtration systems
  • Sprinkler and standpipe system design
  • Critical facilities and datacenter design
  • Contract administration and construction review
  • Commissioning
  • Building energy performance audits
  • Life cycle costing and budgeting

Aquila Electrical Engineering Services

We complement our mechanical engineering services with the following electrical and communication design services to provide an integrated service delivery to our Clients for a single point of responsibility with respect to the coordination of the mechanical and electrical systems within their buildings:

  • Due diligence and reviews of buildings’ electrical systems
  • Peer design reviews of electrical systems
  • Normal and emergency power distribution
  • Lighting Design
  • Communication System design
  • Security Design
  • A/V Design Coordination
  • Fire Alarm and Life Safety Design
  • Digital Metering
  • Utility Coordination
  • Critical Power and backup Generation
  • Wire Management
  • Energy Conservation
  • Value engineering

Aquila Commissioning and Facilities Management Services

At the core of our service delivery is providing building owners and managers with efficient mechanical and electrical systems with a low life cycle cost. To this end, we complement our design services with comprehensive commissioning and testing services to ensure that these systems are properly turned over to the maintenance staff and their performance verified.

As part of our commissioning and facilities management services, we offer:

  • Equipment and system performance verification
  • Operator training
  • Systems operating manuals and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Evaluation and optimization of building controls sequences of operation
  • Utility consumption monitoring and control

Aquila Energy Advisory Services

Our staff has provided advisory services to a multitude of Clients in the downtown core that are or have considered connecting their buildings to the district chilled or steam system managed by Enwave. The scope of our services include:

  • Evaluation of building cooling and heating energy
  • Analysis and optimization of self-generation costs
  • Cooling and heating plant life cycle costing and budgeting
  • Financial modelling of self-generation and Enwave supplied services
  • Contract negotiation advisory services

Aquila Project Management Services

Our management team seamlessly integrates with your project development team to facilitate stakeholder decision-making, perform needs analysis, provide timely and accurate project cost control, schedule activities and above all, deliver capital projects within a time-certain and cost-certain environment. With Aquila, you can always expect us to get it done.

Our professional staff has extensive experience in all areas of project development and can help you in many ways.

In addition to core project management services, we are proud to also provide strategic planning, project accounting and finance, engineering advisory and operations management assistance to provide our clients with a comprehensive, hassle free solution that delivers value-for-money throughout.

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