PM-Com-Platinum Club Restaurant

Platinum Club Restaurant

2.5.7 PT Club

The Project

The Platinum Restaurant serves as the Air Canada Centre’s premier dining experience. It is a luxurious restaurant with semi-enclosed function rooms, wine cellar and bar facilities with a capacity for 120 patrons.


Our Role

  • Developed the concept budget.
  • Prepared interior designer request for proposal and evaluated submissions
  • Monitored the design process and provided continuous budget feedback
  • Engaged specialty consultants and integrated their requirements into the overall design
  • Prepared purchase agreements for construction contracts and furniture, fixture and equipment purchases
  • Issued weekly budget updates during construction
  • Managed design revisions during construction

Our Key Accomplishments

  • Achieved $150,000 of savings in millwork through early procurement and pre-tendering
  • Achieved $200,000 of savings in construction costs through competitive bidding and negotiation
  • Completed the design on-time and started construction a week prior to project schedule