Eng-OffI-General Mills

General Mills

general mills

The Project

A 105,000 square feet facility located at 5825 Explorer Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, seeking three floors of interior office retrofits to improve the aesthetics, zoning and energy efficiency of the facility.


Our Role

  • Demolished existing interior office layout.
  • Collaboration with architects and client to relocate and upgrade the following systems:
    • HVAC system.
    • Fire protection system.
    • Air and temperature regulating control system.
    • Plumbing system.
  • Reproduce a certain life safety support.

Our Key Accomplishments

  • Facilitated design drawings in the relocation sprinklers, FBPs, controls and sinks.
  • Communicated design scheduling between electrical and mechanical engineers to avoid costly maintenance.
  • Revamped a modern HVAC system to manage air quality and temperature for a new set of zoning.