Eng-Assy-Museum For Human Rights

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

canadian museum for human rights

The Project

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is a $310 million project located in Winnepeg Manatobia, that is a joint partnership with the Canadian Government. The museum houses 47,000 sf of exhibit space, a kilometer of bridges, 10 zones, and a temporary exhibition gallery. The impressive museum also includes a 23-storey glass structure.  

Our Role

  • Our Principals participated in the planning, conceptual and schematic design of this Canadian landmark
  • Provided invaluable input with regards to negotiating utility contracts, evaluating multiple system design alternatives and assisting the concept architect towards adapting their vision to the Canadian harsh climate
  • Sustainability was a key mandate with a clear objective of minimizing the building’s carbon footprint and operating costs. We evaluated the utilization of geothermal well sand river water for cooling

Our Key Accomplishments

  • Provided valuable input and insight to the design team towards developing a landmark building that embodies the vision of the concept Architect and Museum Board Trustees while providing optimum comfort and indoor environmental conditions for visitors and artifacts
  • Design auditorium spaces to strict acoustic performance criteria
  • Design air conditioning systems to operate at a significantly lower energy cost than comparable buildings

Work completed by current Aquila engineers previously employed by TMP