Eng-Off-Chestnut Elizabeth

Chestnut Elizabeth Mixed Use Development

chestnut elizabeth mixed use development

The Project

111 Chustnut St. and112 Elizabeth St. together are a mixed use commercial, retail and residential facility with the retail and residential units located on Chestnut St. and the commercial space located on Elizabeth St.  

Our Role

  • ASHRAE Level III Energy Audit for both facilities
  • Site visit to review all equipment and systems that affect energy consumption
  • Analysis of three years utility data to summarize current consumption
  • Interviews with building operators and user to gain insight into building use and schedules
  • Advanced Energy Model for both buildings
  • Energy and financial analysis for over 20 energy conservation measures

Our Key Accomplishments

  • Proposed retrofits with up to 40% energy reduced energy consumption
  • Comprehensive summary of energy conservation measures with varying levels of capital investment and operational disturbance
  • Integration of heat recovery systems to recover waste heat
  • Summary of potential incentive programs and the resulting affect on the payback periods