Eng-Off-144 – 146 Bloor W

144/146 Bloor Street West

144-146 bloor street west

The Project

This project included an extensive review of the existing building at144/146 Bloor Street West to upgrade its mechanical systems to meet current market demands for indoor air quality and environmental control. Mechanical systems were designed with a view towards increasing marketability to potential office tenants, as well as support a lease offering to Burberry to set up its flagship retail store in Toronto.  

Our Role

  • Reviewed existing mechanical systems and recommended upgrades, based on landlord and tenant requirements
  • Coordinated base building system design with the tenant’s designers
  • Provided mechanical engineering services for HVAC and plumbing design
  • Assisted with the equipment tendering process
  • Supported and monitored construction team for timely delivery of upgraded systems prior to Burberry store opening

Our Key Accomplishments

  • Cooling and heating plant major equipment was replaced for higher efficiency and performance
  • Implementation of a building automation system to lower energy costs by reducing equipment running times
  • Obtained an energy grant from BOMA towards BOMA Toronto CDM