The Project

E11even is an 8.000 sq.ft. upscale casual dining establishment located in Maple Leaf Square on the corner of York and Bremner Streets. The restaurant’s first floor consists of an open kitchen, wine cellar, bar, lounge and raised dining area and can host 320 occupants. The second floor is reserved for private events and can host an additional 60 occupants.


Our Role

  • Developed the concept budget
  • Assembled design and engineering team
  • Monitored the design process and provided continuous budget feedback
  • Prepared construction contracts and purchase agreements for contractors, furniture, fixture and equipment purchases
  • Coordinated and managed permits, inspections and licenses including building, HVAC, plumbing, ESA, municipal business, health and AGCO
  • Issued weekly budget updates during construction
  • Managed design revisions during construction

Our Key Accomplishments

  • Efficiently transitioned the design team following the 60% design development milestone from a second story location to a new prime ground floor location
  • Achieved over a million dollars of project savings through design value engineering, competitive bidding and trade negotiations
  • Coordinated staged project turnover to facilitate owner training and accommodate a challenging opening schedule