Eng-Off-Bay Adelaide East

Bay Adelaide East

bay adelaide east

The Project

Peer-review of mechanical engineering drawings for the purposed forty-four(44) story Bay Adelaide East Tower. This 980,000 square foot office tower is the second phase of the Bay Adelaide Centre project and seeks to achieve LEED Platinum certification.


Our Role

  • Extensive review of mechanical drawings provided by mechanical consulting firm TMP for the following:
    • Life cycle analysis of major mechanical equipment and energy efficiency.
    • Long term performance risks.
  • Provided recommendations to facilitate tie-in to District Cooling System.

Our Key Accomplishments

  • Identified design shortages to suit tenant commitments and after-hours operation.
  • Minimized risk of impact to Tenants due to fluctuations of chilled water supply.
  • Strengthened the reliability of the proposed plant configuration.