Eng-Off-105 Adelaide

105 Adelaide


The Project

A twelve (12) story office building located in Toronto’s financial core. This A-class office building was completed in 1964, most recently renovated in 1990 and has undergone numerous HVAC system upgrades. The building resides in the 90th percentile in Energy Star Performance Guidelines.


Our Role

  • Provided in-depth review of existing tenant cooling systems
  • Performed a Level 1 ASHRAE energy audit to assess building energy performance. Allowing numerous recommendations to reduce energy consumption to improve occupant comfort.
  • Reviewed existing sequences of operation and provide new sequences of operation which minimize energy consumption while optimizing system reliability, monitoring and alarm.
  • Overviewed commissioning for automation and humidification system upgrades.

Our Key Accomplishments

  • Identified potential energy conservations including 183.5 kW reduction during peak summer demand and 247,000 kWh reduction of annual average consumption through reviewing operations of chilled water system.
  • Identified several tenant condenser water system upgrades within clients stiff budget.
  • Identified $77,500 potential savings in humidification and tenant cooling upgrades.

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